Lease or finance your new vehicle


Leasing offers affordable payments with shorter terms
This lets you…
  • Consider vehicles with more options
  • Choose your desired trade cycle
  • Have peace of mind since most terms are within the warranty period

You have options at the end of your lease
If the vehicle is worth more than the residual value:
  • Exercise your purchase option and keep it
  • Exercise your purchase option and apply the equity to the next vehicle
If the vehicle is worth less than the residual value:
  • Drop off the keys and walk away (subject to any excess kilometers or wear-and-tear charges)

Conventional loans typically require longer terms to achieve affordable payments
This keeps you…
  • From trading into a new vehicle sooner
  • Driving the same vehicle longer even when you are ready to trade

Conventional loans have obligations when you trade

  • The owner must find a buyer
  • The owner assumes all of the risks for unexpected depreciation
  • The vehicle's condition, mileage, and wear and tear will be a factor in assessing the total value of the vehicle
  • The owner must satisfy the loan balance regardless of the vehicle value


Short Term

Lease payments are typically lower than finance payments for the same vehicle, at the same price point, with the same down payment regardless of financing or interest rates. This means leasing can be more cost effective by about 30% in the short term.

Medium Term

The comparative costs of leasing and financing are fairly even assuming the vehicle will be sold/traded in at the end of the finance/lease term. Some industry experts believe the lower fees associated with a vehicle loan puts finance over lease, however others argue that the short term savings go further making leasing the better option. In the medium term there is no significant cost advantage for either leasing or financing.

Long Term

In the long term financing can have a significant cost advantage. The longer you own that same vehicle the more considerable that advantage becomes. The risk of unexpectedly higher than average maintenance costs or a total loss of a vehicle through an accident or damage however can mitigate that advantage. This shows that should you want a new vehicle every couple of years, or expect that your vehicle needs will change in the near future that a lease is likely to be the more cost-effective option. If you don't expect your needs or vehicle to change in the next 3-5 years the costs of either a leasing or financing are comparative and is up to your personal preference to decide which option best matches your life. If you plan to drive your vehicle for more than 5 years or until it can no longer be driven then financing becomes the more cost-effective option with the value increasing dependent on how long after your payments end that your vehicle is able to continue being safely driven before maintenance costs outweigh the benefits of acquiring a new vehicle.


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